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Strategic Planning and Market Share / Environmental Analysis

ASCENTIA offers hospitals expert consultation and guidance throughout the planning process. As part of each customized planning engagement, ASCENTIA professionals analyze market data, conduct interviews with key stakeholders, perform strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, evaluate the hospital’s financial performance, prepare financial projections incorporating local market assumptions, facilitate the planning retreat and develop a draft strategic plan. 

Community Health Needs Assessment

In consultation with your governing board, steering committee and community partners, ASCENTIA consultants will facilitate development of your initial or subsequent Community Health Needs Assessment. The goal is to identify community resources and community needs that will enable you to make informed decisions in the buy/build/partner scenarios involved in developing a solid community care strategy that encompasses pre-acute/community care, acute/hospital care, and post-acute care. 

Performance Optimization Services

ASCENTIA offers financial performance optimization services focused on meeting the challenges of independent hospitals today. Our team of experienced consultants uses a comprehensive approach to assess your hospital’s unique needs and determine a recommended plan of action focused on sustainable financial performance. Once a plan is developed, ASCENTIA’s team can provide strong support during the implementation of the changes required for your hospital’s optimization. 


Creating a Lean culture provides the common language and tools necessary to reframe how we think about problem solving at all levels. In order to have a true cultural shift towards a Lean way of thinking, new skills must be learned at all levels.

Compliance Consulting Services

Compliance Consulting Services include assessment of your compliance program, implementation support, and individual compliance element implementation as well as educational presentations. We provide quarterly compliance webinars and an annual OIG work plan webinar to assist in the marketing of compliance services. Assessment of the Compliance Program effectiveness includes an assessment for each of the seven OIG essential elements.

Productivity Enhancer Tool 

ASCENTIA provides full service software and on-site consulting using our Productivity Enhancer to improve staffing efficiency. We have developed a collaborative approach to understand your specific staffing needs. We identify opportunities for improvement by assessing your work processes, staff mix, minimum staffing levels and industry standards. Based on the analysis, we work with you to develop and implement realistic targets and a method for tracking and reporting productivity on a bi-weekly basis. 

Physician Practice and Clinic Assessment 

ASCENTIA offers a variety of consulting services related to provider clinics and employed physician practices. Many healthcare institutions have begun employing physicians or purchasing existing practices. ASCENTIA can assist organizations in improving the integration of these practices into the health system structure, stemming financial losses, improving operational performance and enhancing patient access to services.

Supply Chain Management 

We have comprehensive operational and financial databases, supply spend metrics and revenue benchmarking that can help your hospital identify expense reductions and revenue enhancement opportunities within your supply chain. Our ASCENTIA team can work with medical staff, department managers and executives to implement supply-chain best practices and reduce non-labor expenses. Supply chain metrics benchmarking reports, specifically targeted for the small community hospital, compare seven universally measured areas. Additional comparisons drill down to department level spending including, surgery and pharmaceutical costs. 

Reimbursement Optimization 

A service developed to help rural and community hospitals and clinics, ASCENTIA can help you identify opportunities for improvement as well as provide resources for resolution so that your cash flow is consistent and strong.

Clinical Quality and Performance Improvement 

Quality/Performance Improvement includes off-site review of Quality Plan, quality initiatives and metrics. On-site visit(s) offer staff and Board education, assistance with appropriate data collection, understanding of analysis and reporting of meaningful data with continual improvement planning. Additional service is offered for development of applications for respective State Quality awards. Our approach starts with an in-depth assessment of your program and based on that assessment, we collaboratively develop a detailed plan for improvement. We will provide education for your team and Board including: role of the quality committee, how to engage staff and providers in the quality agenda, how to choose meaningful improvement initiatives and the role of data and performance scorecards.

Population Health Management

As healthcare transitions from volume based care to value based care, hospitals are being forced to recognize that not all patient volume is good volume. It is in managing that volume and directing their patient population to the right care settings that hospitals will be empowered to navigate the upcoming landscape in the ever changing American health care landscape. Population health is a potent opportunity for community, acute, and post- acute health care providers to work together to improve health outcomes for their patients and to best manage identified patient groups (a population) to diminish their impact on the hospitals margin. In addition, these changes have the opportunity to directly impact reimbursement dollars by improving patient engagement, diminishing readmissions, ensuring right utilization of ED services, and controlling the care spend in ACO and bundled payment agreements.

Executive Recruitment and Interim Placement

ASCENTIA understands the unique challenges of today’s hospitals. Whether finding a candidate for a critical access hospital or searching for a multi-hospital system, we focus on your desired qualifications and specific needs. ASCENTIA also offers an interim executive placement service to help your hospital during a time of transition. Our accomplished interim executives can hit the ground running to begin leading your hospital with the skills and know-how to keep operational and financial performance on track. 

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